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Street Spirit 2014

Street Spirit was a Radiohead tribute band that I was in in the late 90's. We played around Quebec for a few years and had some really good times. My favorite show was one during which we played, in three sets,  the first three Radiohead albums in their entirety.

This past summer, Mario, our former singer, approached me and my brother (our former drummer) to ask if we would consider helping him put together a special show. He wanted to reunite Street Spirit (at least the three out of five of us that were still in Montreal) and recreate an entire Radiohead performance from the Astoria Ballroom in London from 1994. We added Jon on bass and Mike on guitar and performed on December 5th at Mario's high school in the south shore. The show was a benefit for the school's Christmas basket fund. We had a great time. We played the entire 18 song Astoria Ballroom show along with two encores: Paranoid Android (with a two violinists) and an acoustic version of High And Dry. The plan is to possibly play a few more times in 2015.