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Live From The Garage - Virtual Editions

The pandemic forced us to get very creative, especially in the online domain. I switched from one week to the next from in person lessons to 100% online lessons. It was a challenging transition but in a relatively short time I was able to figure out a stable and fun way to teach online. When it came time for my end of year show (now also the NDG Music School's year end show), We decided that we wanted to try to to hold some kind of online event, something that students could participate in and that friends and family could also enjoy. Mike and I decided to try to produce a series of collaborative music videos with my private students and bands. We picked a song for each band, one that students had been working on all year. We recorded an audio guide track and sent it to each member who then had to play along to it while listening in headphones and filming their performance on a phone or tablet. Students would then send us their video. The audio tracks were all edited and mixed together and then synced to the video. In all, we produced 25 videos for LFTG 19 and LFGT 191/2, mostly of cover songs but also of a few originals.  We were super pleased with the results. Our students and bands did an amazing job! Here are the full playlists of both shows: