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The Black Book

This is a children's book that I've just finished writing. I wrote it for my daughter. My friend Natasha illustrated it. I came up with the story about two years ago when my daughter asked me to tell her a Halloween story "from my imagination". This was something she was in the habit of asking me almost everyday at that point! On this particular occasion, I somehow spontaneously came up with this story. My daughter remembered it and would keep asking me to retell it to her. About nine months ago, I decided to try to make it into a book. I asked Natasha if she would like to illustrate it and she said yes. I presented it to my daughter as a surprise for her birthday only a few days ago. It was amazing to see her reaction. Click here to read the book.

I also decided to write a theme song for the book. Here is a short video I made for the song.

I actually edited the song for the video. Here is the full version: