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My friend Steve and I have been playing music together on occasion for many years. He is a singer/songwriter and doctor! I have been involved in a few of his original projects. The album Monks At The Bellagio is his latest release. He contacted me in June to ask if I would help him with the song Poisoned Shadow. I was on my way to B.C. when he reached me. When I arrived, I rented a guitar and got to work using my iPad and a simple iOs audio interface. I recorded a whole bunch of things and shared them with Steve and his producer not thinking that the recordings would be usable for the final track. As it turned out, some of them were! Another fun fact about this song is that Steve was able to hire Pete Thomas, the drummer for Elvis Costello And The Attractions, who also recorded remotely from his studio in L.A., so we are playing together virtually on this recording! You can listen to the song here.