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Pharmakon is a project that I've been involved with since 2004. The band was started several years earlier by my brother and a guitarist named Kris. This project is completely improvisational in nature. Every time we play together, we create something new. In 2005, we began collaborating with a spoken word artist by the name of Ian Ferrier. We have since done several recording sessions with Ian and have generated many hours of material. We have also been performing with him as well.
Recently, Ian has submitted some of our music to an biannual Australian literary magazine called Going Down Swinging. They publish anthologies which include a CD of spoken word recordings. The latest issue, number 26, includes one of our pieces. The title of the piece is Dangerous.
We have recently been collaborating with another spoken word artist by the name of Moe Clark. She has added a whole new dimension to our sound. On June 28th, 2008, we all did a session with a mutimedia artist by the name of pklangshaw in a space called The Black Box in the new downtown Concordia arts building. The session was filmed and recorded for a project the Mrs. Langshaw is currently working on. These are some photos from the session.