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Live From The Garage II - 12/15/06

In September, I began a collaboration with another teacher named Marla. Marla is a multi-instrumentalist whose main instrument is drums. Together, we began the second session of It Came From the Garage!. The session went really well and culminated in our second big show, which we called Live From The Garage II. This session, Marla and I also began working with Dave from DNA studio. Dave is an amazing engineer and producer who has been running his own studio for twenty years. Dave teaches the It Came From The Garage! recording course and his students record our band's demos. Early on in the session, all three of us had talked about playing together(which we had never done) so we decided to do something for the big show. Dave contacted an artist that he works with quite often by the name of Sharon Brooks. She is an extremely talented singer, performer and songwriter. We decided to play two of Sharon's original songs and two covers. We had a couple of rehearsals and then, along with Sharon's friend Wayne singing back ups, played the show. We all had a great time and the students really enjoyed it. It was a great way to end the night. My favorite song was one of Sharon's songs called "Go".