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Sophie Young

I first met Sophie when she was working on Milkbar Stereo. She was the singer of a band called Modern Stories. She eventually became the fifth member of Merlin and played keyboards and sang back up in all the shows after the album was released. She also appears in the video for "Ultrasensitive". Her band broke up not long after but she and Fred (the drummer) decided to keep working together. They started writing and recording songs. In the summer of 2002, Sophie called me to ask if I'd play guitar on some of her stuff. I got together with her and Fred and things went really well and soon I became the third member of the project. We recorded eleven songs in all. Fred's friend Martin played bass on all the songs and when some shows came up, he joined us in forming a band to play them. After the summer of 2003, things began to slow down. Fred got busy with another project. I got a call from Sophie . The songs were not quite finished so she asked me if I'd help her finish them. We worked together for a few months in my studio and finally finished the album. One of the first songs I played on right at the beginning of the project was "Road Trip". You can listen to the full album here. Sophie also made a video for the song Waiting For The Sun.