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Songwriting and Recording

For my eighteenth birthday, I got a 4-track recorder and I began my odyssey into the land of multitrack recording. I've always been interested in songwriting and production. I'd already began writing songs with These Hollow Men... and recording them on a ghetto blaster. This was the next logical step. At first I began experimenting and recording my own songs, but soon I began recording my friend's songs as well. In all, I probably recorded over a hundred songs on my 4-track. Click here for a very small sampling. I still have it but unfortunately it gave up the ghost several years back.
That was o.k. because I ended up buying my friend Merlin's 1/4" Tascam 8-track machine to record my first CD (Stony -Rhythm Tracks For Breakfast). I got a lot
of use out of that machine. Click here for another small sampling. Then, I bought a sampler and an Atari computer, which I was able to sync with the 8-track. I began working with Cubase and learning about sequencing and sampling. Besides the Stony album, I recorded two Adamtozoe releases, ampground, my brother's band Echo, a few other one off projects and at least a hundred of my own songs. 1999 was a particularly productive year in which I wrote and recorded sixty songs. In 2000, I made the leap to computer based recording. I had been thinking about it for a year or more, saving and doing research. I finally decide to buy a G4, an emagic soundcard and Logic. It was a harrowing change over because there was so much to learn and I didn't get a manual with Logic. I hadn't had that much computer experience either. But after a couple of months of wanting to pull my hair out, I finally began to make some progress. I continued to write and record my own songs and work with other people. I began working with other software like Cubase, Reason, T-racks, and Live and Pro Tools. In the meantime, Merlin was hard at work on another album....