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Matt and the Darling Jakes

I met Matt in the summer of 2003. He played me some of his songs. I liked what I heard and thought he had an amazing voice. We met a few times over the summer to work on his songs. In the fall, we began recording. We recorded eleven songs and the result was Matt's first CD, "Elastic Love". One of my favorite songs from that CD is Hold On. You can listen to the entire album here. Soon after, Matt put together a band to play a few shows. It was me and Alan on guitars, Sylvain on bass and Eric on drums. Matt kept writing new material and in January, 2005 we began recording a new batch of songs. These songs became his second album, "Long Before The Day". You can listen to the album here. Matt changed the name of the band to The Darling Jakes and Alan and Eric were replaced by Paul on guitar and my brother on drums. We played a few more shows in Montreal and one in Toronto then things quieted down. Currently, Matt is living in California.