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Mario, who I had worked with in a Radiohead tribute band called Streetspirit, contacted me last spring about doing a show at his high school's grad. He wanted to play punk and alternative rock. I played bass, Paul (Darling Jakes) played guitar and Paul's friend Steve was on drums. Mario called the band DSI (it's a long story...) We had a great time. This spring, Mario wanted to reassemble the band and play a couple more shows. This time, I played guitar, Steve played bass and my brother was on drums. I asked Mario if he wanted to also play a show I was putting on in May. The show was the culmination of an eight week course I was giving to six kids, from the ages of eleven to fourteen, about playing in a rock band. The other DSI shows ended up falling through but we did play my "It Came From the Garage" show. It was a lot of fun.