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Cover Bands

Besides Spunky Q, which was a cover band that also played originals, I've played in several other cover bands. The main one's were an R&B/rock band called The Move, an 80's cover band called The Breakfast Club, a Radiohead tribute called Streetspirit, a funk band called Fresh, a soul band called Soulera and, more recently, a punk cover band called DSI. The strangest of all of them was The Legendary Platters. Bruce (Merlin), Danny (Merlin) and I did a two week Canadian tour with this band. We played dinner theatre shows in tuxes! The singers were passing themselves of as the original members of the Platters even though it was completely false. We toured in a motor home that broke down multiple times with a Russian keyboardist who would start drinking at breakfast. There were four singers and they were all pretty unstable. I've got stories from that tour that I won't print here... I did however record a track called "Breakdown" based around vocal samples from the tour (Bruce had brought a dictaphone with him) that illustrates the insanity of it all (caution: explicit content!).