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One night, back in the fall of 1995, I went to check out a bar called Boomerang, which used to be on the corner of St. Laurent and Bernard. I heard that they were booking original bands so I wanted to see what it was like. I ended up seeing and meeting a band from Penticton, B.C. called Adamtozoe. Shane, Cara and Carmen had just moved to Montreal. They played a particular style of melodic, pop punk. I became friends with the singer/bassist Shane. We started a zine called Invincible Ink that was about the local music scene. We organized and played some shows together with my band Stony. After his first winter in Montreal, Carmen decided the city wasn't for him and moved back to B.C.. They tried to find another guitar player but it didn't work out. I ended up joining the band in 1996. We recorded (in my parent's basement, of course!) a six song album called "All Rhythm Girl section"(click here to download). You can listen to the full album here. The song "Inside My Head", from this album, also found it's way onto a CD compilation released by Animal Alliance Canda. Cara, the drummer, ended up leaving the band a little while later. Shane and I wanted to book a Canadian tour for the summer of 1997. We asked Derek from the band Beverly if he'd play with us. He agreed and we ended up going on a three week cross Canada tour, which we booked entirely ourselves. We toured in my Ford Escort (we didn't bring amps or a drum kit, we borrowed from other bands)!!! In the fall, we played in Toronto again for the Animal Alliance benefit with Cara back on drums. After that weekend, the band stopped performing and a while later, we all went our separate ways (well, not exactly... Cara and I eventually got married!).