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These Hollow Men... (Part2)

After the talent show, Peter, Bruce and I stayed together and started to write our own songs. We were joined by Aki on bass and Le Huan on drums. Bruce switched to guitar. We stayed together for another three years, during which we played many shows in and around Montreal. (Update 2021) A short clip has been found of the band playing at the "1986 L.C.C. talent show". One of the highlights for me was when we played at the Montreal New Music Festival in March of 1987. Just before the band broke up, we were asked to contribute a song for a Montreal compilation album called "Listen 3".

We chose to record one of our songs called "The Three of Us". The band's final show was on April 22, 1987 at the legendary Station 10. In 1988 the band went through a line up change. Bruce, Peter and Lee left and were replaced by Denis on percussion, Miriam on keyboards and vocals, and Arianne and Scott also on vocals. We only played two shows and they were on the same day. The evening show was at Les Foufounes Electriques in Montreal opening for The Pixies.